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Create forum signature in photoshop.

Create forum signature in photoshop.

This tutorial shows how to make a forum signature, like this one:
final result

Create the background.

step 1

Open a new blank file, I used dimensions of 450X150.
Choose The Brush Tool brush tool
use some grey or black brushes and paint a background you like.
In this example I used brushes from 2 sets, you can download them from here:
set 1 - Cosmic Light Brushes
set 2 - Abstract Brushes Vol 6
This is what I got:
grey brush result

step 2

Go to Layer > new adjustment Layer > Color balance.
Change the settings to get the color you want.
I used these settings:
color balance settings

Go to Layer > New adjustment layer > Hue / Saturation
Change the saturation and lightness, I used these:
hue and saturation change

step 3

You may also want to add some other color to the background,
Make a new layer (Layer > New > Layer) and set its blend mode to soft light.
Use Some Colorful brushes with opacity about 40%.
I added some green and pink lines.
colorful lines