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Create forum signature in photoshop.

Create forum signature in photoshop.

part 2 - Add image.

step 4

Open the image you want to add to your signature, I chose this one.
Dark elf image

Take the Crop Tool croptool. Set the Height to be the same as the height of your signature.
Dark elf image

Crop the part of the image you want to add, The image will be resized to fit the selected height.
Dark elf image cropped

Use any selection methood that you like to select the character.
I used the Polygonal Lasso Tool polygonal lasso tool. with Feather of 2px.

Paste your image on the background you made, and set its blend mode to Luminosity.
Dark elf luminosity

Step 5

Duplicate the layer, (right click on the layer > duplicate layer)
Choose the bottom picture layer (second from top).
Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur and set the radious to 4-6 Pixels, It would make the picture blend more nicely.

Duplicate the top layer again, Set its blend mode to normal. And lower its Opacity to 30%-70%, whichever look better to you.
Dark elf normal

step 6

Select the top layer, and go to Layer > New adjustment layer > Levels
Move the black and white bars a little toward the middle to get more contrass.
And set the grey bar on about 0.9-0.7 to make the image darker.

This is ma result
Next, we'll add text, frame and pattern.