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Create forum signature in photoshop.

Part 3 - Adding Frame and text

Step 7

Create a new layer and fill it with any color (Edit > Fill).
Set the fill to 0%

Right click on this layer and choose Blending options.
Select the Stroke window.
Set The position to Inside
Choose the color Black, or any other dark color.
Set the blend mode to Overlay or soft light. (you might also leave it at normal, and lower the opacity).
Those are the settings I used:
blending options stroke

Move this layer Just above the background layer.
layer stroke

This is the result:
stroke result

Step 8

Time to add some text.
In this case I'm using a very simple text so the signature won't look too Loaded.
Select the Text Tool text tool and type something.

Right click on the text layer and choose Blending Options.
I added Stroke
with size of 1px, and color white.
stroke text

And I also added an Outer Glow with these settings:
outer glow text

text result