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Create forum signature in photoshop.

Part 4 - Adding pattern.

Step 9

We'll create a simple diagonal lines pattern
Open a New File with size of 8X8 pixels.
Create a new layer, and make the backgroung layer invisable by removing the eye icon next to it, in the layer menu.
pattern layer menu

Choose the Pencil tool Pencil Tool
Take a 1 pixel brush, with and Opacity hardness set to 100%.
Pencil Tool set

And paint a diagonal line on the new layer, like shown here (Enlarged by 1000%).

Go to Edit > Define Pattern, and click ok.

Step 10

Go back toyour signature image, and create a new layer.
Put it above all layers.
Select the Paint Backet Tool paint backet tool
And choose the pattern you just made.
paint backet settings

Apply it on your image
signature pattern

Take the Eraser Toolerasertool
Take a Big soft brush, hardness set to 0%, Opacity at 20%.
And erase some parts of the pattern.

This is the final result
final result