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Creating blood

Step 4

Its time to add some dripping blood :)
Choose the background layer, Take the Lasso Tool lasso tool again, and make a selection of the dripping blood, Pay extra attention to the direction in which the blood should flow.
dripping blood selection

Right click on the image and select Layer via copy.
Put the new layer above all the other layers.
layer order

Go to Image > adjustment > Variations.
Choose a darker type of red this time.
Then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur, and blur with a radious of about 1.5px.
blood blur

Step 5

To add some volume use the burn and dodge tools.
Use the Burn Tool Burn tool to darken some parts of the blood.
Set the exposure to 10% and use a brush size of 15-25px.

Next, select the Dodge Tool dodge tool to lighten other parts a little.
Set the exposure to 10% and use a brush size of 2-3px.

Also use the Sponge Tool sponge tool to saturate and desaturate random parts of the blood so it will look less flat.

Last, Take the Sharpen Tool sharpen tool and apply it very gently with a strenght of 20%.
burn and dodge