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Creating a Ghost photo in photoshop.

This tutorial shows how to create a creepy looking ghost on photoshop, just like this one:
final ghost cropped

Step 1

Open a suitable picture for the background, I used this one that I found by googling "deserted hospital".

Go to Layer > New adjustment layer > Hue/Saturation.
Reduce the saturation and the lightness, but don't make it too dark yet.
I used
Saturation: -54
Lightness: -29

Next, Go to Layer > New adjustment layer > Levels
Move the black bar to make the darker parts darker.
And set grey bar under 1.0 to darker the whole image.
Those are the settings I used:
levels settings

background levels

Now, Go to Layer > New adjustment layer > Color balance.
I used it to make the picture warmer by adding some yellow
color balance settings

background color balance

Now when we have a great background, we can add our ghost.