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Creating a Ghost photo in photoshop.

Step 4

Set the Ghost layer opacity to 50%

To make her blend better select the Eraser Tooleraser tool
Use big, soft brush, with Opacity at 15%, and erase around the ghost edges.
I also erased her feet to make her look like she's floating.
girl after erasing

Step 5

Duplicate the ghost layer. (Right click on the layer > Duplicate layer).
Set the top layer blend mode to Overlay, and Opacity to 20-30%.
girl after erasing

Select the bottom ghost layer, and go to Filter > Blur > Motion blur
Set the engle to 0, and the distance to 4-8 pixels.

Set the layer's Opacity to 20-50%.
ghost afterblur

Step 6

Lets add a little green color to our ghost.
with the bottom ghost layer selected
Go to Layer > New adjustment layer > Color balance
Make sure to check V in "Use previous layer to create clipping mask".
color balance

Add some green color to your ghost.
green ghost

Thats it, we got our ghost :)
final ghost