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Making Dark and cold photo effect.

Hello guys.
In this tutorial I'll show how to make your photos look more dramatic and creepy by Enhancing its colors and adding a Cold, Dark Effect to it.

step 1

first, open your photo
Make sure your photo has natural colors, that aren't too saturated, or the effect won't work so well.
I chose this photo.
base photo

step 2

Go to Layer > New adjustment layer > Black & white.
Set the layers Blend mode to Hard Light
blend mode change

If you wish Change the layers Opacity to make the effect seem weaker.
opacity change

black and white

step 3

Go to Layer > New adjustment layer > Brightness\Contrast
Lower the Brightness and add more contrast.
You can always go back to this layer and change its settings for a better result
I used this settings for example:
brightness and contrast

brightness and contrast photo

step 4

Now, let's add some blue tone to the photo.
Create a new layer by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N.
Choose very dark blue color, Like this one #030520
Fill the layer with that color, Go to Edit > Fill
Choose these settings:

Set the layers Blend mode to Exclusion

blue tone
Change the layers Opacity if you wish to weaker the effect.

step 5

For Final adjustments we'll use some Levels.
Go to Layer > New adjustment layer > Levels
Play with the levels until you'll get result you like.
I used these settings on the RGB channel to darken the photo and add more contrast.
levels RGB

And these settings on the Blue Channel, to make the photos tone more blue and less yellow.
levels Blue

We're all done :)
You can always go back to each layer and change its setting to get a better result.
This is my final result:

base photo