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Changing Eye color and eye retouching in photoshop.

Hello guys,
This tutorial shows some eye retouching techniques, it has 3 parts:

before image

after image

Lets begin :)

First, open your photo, and zoom in to its eyes, I chose this one:
start image

Changing Iris Color.

step 1

Make a selection of the iris with any tool you want, I chose to use quick mask.
click on the quick mask icon on the toolbar or press Q to start quick mask mode.
quick mask

Select the Brush Tool start image
Choose a brush half as big as the iris, with hardness around 70%
and paint over the iris with black, anything you masked would become transparent red.
quick mask 2

Mask the whole iris, if you make a mistake brush over it with white to delete.
click the quick mask icon again or press Q to exit quick mask mode.
You'll get a selection of anything except the masked area
choose any selection tool selection tool
Right click on your picture > select inverse
Now you should have a good selection of the iris.
Right click again on your picture > Layer via Copy.
This would create a new layer with only the selected part.

step 2

With the new layer selected, Go to Layer > New adjustment layer > Color Balance.
Check the V in Use Previous layer to create clipping mask
So only the iris area will be colored.
color balance

Change the settings to get the color that you wish, I used these:
color balance

The color I got looks too bright, So I added another layer to fix it:
Go to Layer > new adjustment layer > Brightness/Contrass
Check the V in Use Previous layer to create clipping mask as before.
Change the settings until you get a good result.
I used these:
brightness and contrass

This is my result so far:
final color