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Changing Eye color and eye retouching in photoshop.

This tutorial shows eye retouching techniques, it has 3 parts:

Whitening the eye to remove veins

step 3

Go back to the Background Layer
bg layer

Use the quick mask tool again to get a selection of the white part of the eye, Don't worry of you get out of the lines a little, we going to fix it later.
Press Q to start the quick mask mode.
Use some brushes with their color set to black, and mask the whole white area of the eye.
quick mask

Press Q to exit quick mask mode.
Press Ctrl + Shift + I To select inverse.
choose the Selection Tool selection tool
Right click on your picture > Layer Via Copy
Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation
Check the V in Use Previous layer to create clipping mask
Add a some lightness, and you can also reduce the saturation, don't make it too bright so you won't get a creepy unnatural look.
I used those settings:
hue saturation hue saturation red

step 4

Some parts along the edges might look too white, so we need to erase them.
In the layer window, select the layer with the eye white.

Choose the Eraser Tool eraser tool
Use a soft brush (hardness set to 0%).
And Opacity at 25%
erase white

Stroke a couple times along the adges until you get a good result.
You May also change the layers Opacity if it still seems too white.
change opacity

This my end result.
whitening end

next, we're going to add some highlights to the iris.