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Changing Eye color and eye retouching in photoshop.

This tutorial shows eye retouching techniques, it has 3 parts:

Adding Highlights to the iris.

step 5

Make a new layer by clicking the create a new layer icon in the layer window or going Layer > New > Layer.
crate new layer

Change the layers blend node to Overlay
schange blend mode

Choose the Brush Tool brush tool
Select a brush about one third of the iris size,
with its hardness set to 0%.
And Opacity set to 15%

Stroke with white couple times around the iris.

The brush work doesn't have to be even, actually it looks better when some parts are brighter then others.
Here's a picture that shows how I used the white brush (change the blend mode to normal to see this), The upper-right part of the iris is very white, and there is also a reflection on the buttom-left.
high ligths

Back to Overlay mode,
This is my final result.
final result