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Vampire makeover - Create vampire portrait in photoshop

Hello :)

In this tutorial I'll show some technics to make yourself or anyone else look like a vampire.

Here's the before and after photos:
before image vampire twilight emma watson after image vampire twilight emma watson

Lets Start

Step 1 - levels

Open your image, I chose that photo of Emma Watson:
(Right click --> view image to enlarge)
Emma Watson

First, lets change the photo colores making it look darker and colder.
Its always good to have backup so duplicate the backgroung layer (Layer > Duplicate layer).
Go to Image > adjustment > Levels or press Ctrl + L
To darken the image go to RGB mode, move the black and grey bars a little to the right until you like the result.
levels darken picture

To add some blueish tone to the picture choose the blue mode and move the white and grey bars a little to the left.
levels cold blue picture

Step 2 - Pale skin

Every vampire must have a pale skin, to whiten the skin duplicate the currect layer (Layer > Duplicate layer).
Go to levels again Ctrl +L
In RGB mode lighten the skin by moving the white and grey bars to the left.
Pay attention to the skin only, don't mind if other parts are to brught we'll delete them.
levels vampire pale white skin

Go to Layer > Layer Mask > Hide all.
Now you can choose which parts of this layer you want to expose
You'll get a black rectangle, Choose it, and take a white soft brush with opacity at 70% and brush over the skin.
If you accidently expose parts you dont want just color them with the black brush.
layer mask

pale vampire skin mask

Now we have a good pale skin on a dark background, when you satisfied with your result Go to Layer > Merge Down or press Ctrl + E.

On the next page we'll add some makeup and blood