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Vampire makeover - Create vampire portrait in photoshop

Step 3 - Glowing eyes

Her eyes look too dark for me, I want to add to them a little glow.
Lets create a new layer for the eyes area.
Choose any selection tool selection tool and make a rough selection of the eye area, Make sure to leave enough space for the dark makeup.
Then right-click and Layer via copy
Eyes layer via copy

Select the Dodge tool Dodge tool
Set the exposure to about 10% and brush several times along the iris.
Try using different brush sizes for a better result.
Dodge tool iris eye

I did a very subtle change, but the eyes look much better.
eyes before and after

For more Techniques for Eye retouching Like changing eye color and adding some glow, Check out my Eye Retouch Tutorial.

Step 4 - Adding dark eye makeup

Choose the Burn Tool Burn tool
Use a soft small brush with exposure at 10% and strike several times along the eyelashes.
Then use a smaller brush about 3-6px ans brush closer to the eye.
burn tool eye makeup

its looks better, but lets add some more, create a new layer (Shift + Ctrl + N) and set it above all other layers.
choose the brush toolbrush tool and select a dark blue-grey color
like #273336.
Set the layers Blend mode to Soft light.
With a soft brush and opacity at about 30% strike the eyelashes area several times.
Doing this probably darkened the eye and the iris as well, so select the Eraser ToolEraser tool
And erase all the unwanted parts.

Check out my Smoky Eye makeup Tutorial.

We're almost done, Go to the next page to color the lips and add some blood.