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Vampire makeover - Create vampire portrait in photoshop

Step 5 - Red lips

Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N), and put it above all other layers.
Choose Dark red color like #581111.
Take a brush, opacity at 100%, and cover the lips.
red lips brush

Change the layes blend mode to whatever looks best to you, I used Soft light.

Take the Eraser Tool Eraser tool with a soft brush, erase the parts that shouldn't be colored.
red lips brush

vampire red lips

Step 6 - blood

To make her look scary lets add some blood to her lips
Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N), and put it above all other layers.
Use dark red color, choose some blood splatter brush like the ones you can download from here: 1 2 3
And use it on her lips like that:
blood splatter

Set the layers blend mode to Hard Light hard light blood splatter

I used a different blood splatter brush and gently added more blood on the lips.
more blood on lips

I also took the Eraser Tool Eraser tool and with another blood splatter brush erased some of the blood I don't like.
erase blood on lips

To make the blood appear more realistic use the Burn Burn tool and Dodge Dodge tool tools.
With the Burn Tool use a brush about 5-10 px and add shadow to random areas.
Then take the Dodge tool with a smaller brush 2-5px and add some highlightes to other areas.
You might want to check the Create Realistic Blood tutorial for a better result.

Ok, we're all done, Hope you like your new vampire :)

before image vampire twilight emma watson after image vampire twilight emma watson