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Ice Text.

Step 3

Go to Filter > Stylize > Wind, and choose these settings:
Rotate the canvas by going Image > Rotate canvas > 90 CW.
Then apply the wind effect again by pressing Ctrl + F, I applied it twice to get more ice in the bottom of the text.

Rotate the canvas clockwise and apply the wind two more times, so you'll have wind fron any direction.

then, Rotate it to normal.

Step 4

Create a new layer.
Fill it with a very light blue, like this one: #bce8f7.
Set the layer's blend mode to Color Burn.

Step 5

The last step is to add some glow.
Go to Select > Load selection, in the channel box choose the selection you made before.

Go to Edit > fill and fill the text selection with random color.
Press Ctrl + D to deselect.

Set the layer's fill to 0%
fill 0.

Right click on the layer, and choose blending options.
Choose the Outer Glow, Choose a light blue color, and set the size as you wish:

final black.

Step 6

To add background to the text, first, we'll need to flatten all the layer, go to Layer > Flatten image.
Make a selection of your text, copy & paste it on your background image.
Set the text layer's blend mode to Lighten or Screen.
Your background need to be dark for this to work well.