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light explosion text

step 7

Rotate the canvas:
Go to Image > Rotate canvas > 90 CW
Then go to Filter > Stylize > wind
Choose the settings below:

step 8

Repeat the wind effect again by pressing Ctrl+F twice.
press Ctrl+i to invert the colors.
press Ctrl+F two more times.
press Crtl+i again.
in the end you'll get something very distorted like that:

step 9

Now we'll get the picture back to normal
Go to Image > Rotate canvas > 90 CCW
then Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates
and choose Rectangular to Polar
Rectangular to Polar

step 10

Make a new layer (Ctrl+Shift+N)
Set the layer's blend mode to color burn
Use the gradient tool text and fill the layer.

step 11

Now we'll add the text back
Make another layer (Ctrl+Shift+N)
go to select > Load selection
Change the channel to Alpha 1
load selection

you'll get the selection of the text you made before
Fill it with black, by going Edit > Fill
change the layer's blend mode to Overlay
end result

step 12

we're almost done, just need to add some glow:
Right click on the text layer and pick Blending options
pick outer glow and change the settings as seen below
change the size and spread to get the amount of glow that you want. glow

we're all done, that's the end result
end result

Hope you enjoyed the tutrial :)